Monday, November 23, 2009

Estate Sale Finds......

Well I also stepped into one of America’s most wanted closets lasts Thursday! I found myself in a gigantic closet , more like a small bedroom, filled with breathtaking vintage pieces. Everything from true Victorian and Edwardian era apparel to 40s and 50s day dresses to cool 80s wear. This post might sound like something you've already read last Friday!

I actually made it to the sale on Thursday morning at "dark-thirty" since it was too early to even mention the real time!! hehe! But the key to finding great pieces at any estates sale is to be the first in line but there can be one disadvantage by being there on the first day… they might not budge on their prices so it's best to go back on the second or last day. 
Well guess what?!! I was at the exact estate sale as the gorgeous Kristin @ Leproustvintage and she couldn't have said it better!!! So she read my mind and I guess you can say great minds think alike or maybe it's because we share a common interest!

@Kristin: That little floral peach dress that you're going to wear to a wedding in the spring? I can say it was destined for you cause that dress was in my hand then I decided to put it back along with others that were a little beyond my budget. I can't wait for spring just so I can see it on you! I'm sure you'll look stunning!

I also ran into another vintage lover by the name of Aria @ loveroffashion while standing in line and we hit it off right away check out her blog!!

Since many of the pieces I would have liked to buy were priced pretty well over my head I only purchased one tea dress from the 1930s that I didn't have the time to photograph. I also went to another sale that day and found those lovely dresses shown above & below which I will list on etsy this week. I think this post might be the longest that I have written so far

P.s. Once again I have been working my little fingers off on some cool boots on my little corner ebay shop starting this Thursday at 9:00pm central time.