Friday, August 20, 2010

When it rains it pours ............

Is it ok to have an instance of boastful talk? Well in this case I’d like to think that it is perfectly fine..... :)

vintage boater hat with vintage wrap skirt

It’s been a while since I got featured anywhere. Then all of a sudden it has started raining and it has been raining for a month straight. By all means a girl could get use to this prolong treatment of a perfect storm. Just like the song from the SWV titled “rain” I’m caught in a rain that I don’t need no shelter from. And you want to know something I’m super grateful and enjoying the moment while it lasts! ;)

vintage 70s straw bag

vintage boater hat with DIY ribbon

So this post is for the lovely Emilie at Delance Fashion by whom I was selected between the top 100 Delance Fashion community members (base on activity points) that I was selected as featured community member. Emilie asked me some questions and created an article about my blog and placed a picture at the community’s front page. If you would like to take a peek at the article it will remain on the community front page for 10 more days.

Also Delance Fashion is a super fun place to join, you can find people with similar interests like other bloggers, shoppers, vintage lovers, groups like style icon, shoes lovers, vintage inspiration, DYI, daily outfits and more. As for me I’m totally obsessed with the application feature “events” because it helps me stay organize and spread the news of goodies in my shop.

@ Emilie: This is pleasing to the senses. Thank you so much for the feature.

mustard sleeveless top

P.s. I will be posting a giveaway this weekend, so get ready to do the hop, skip and jump to win something beautiful.

Kisses to all! muah!