Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kate Spade Inspired.....

I do usually pay attention to designers or trends as I do enjoy styling things up—I occasionally read women’s magazines for fashion ideas because they inspire "my style" sometimes. I prefer to find my inspiration amongst regular people from fellow bloggers or when I’m milling about & running errands.

However, when I spotted a Kate Spade ad for their fall collection. I so was amazed of this one piece that I made it my mission to find a similar one but yet vintage. I love the classic look mixed with my taste— I pretty much strive for any piece that makes my heart sing in my wardrobe.

I think their pieces are completely lust worthy, and unfortunately way too expensive for my budget. It’s still nice to look at though! But above is my absolute favorite Kate Spade inspired look!

Got the dress while treasure hunting last weekend! Isn’t it a sweeeeet looking dress! It will be on Etsy soon once I figure out how to clean 65% Dacron, 35% Cotton and lining is 100% cotton. Label is a Junior BAZAAR, Sears Roebuck USA. Any advise on how to clean this cute dress would mean so much.