Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flashback photo!............. 80's style!

First and foremost I’d like Thank each and everyone and all that are now a new follower as well a longtime followers for entering the giveaway on Aya’s Blog. Hope to post a lot more often, do tons of DIY projects and more Giveaways for you lovely readers!

vintage 1980s colour batwing sweater

Lately, I have been thinking how I used to dress to express myself so this photo shows how outrageously chic I once was! ;) Not that I don’t think I’m chic with my current style but I was more of a risk taker and not thinking about age appropriate styles and all.

I feel the older I get the more reserved my style has become but I don’t want to miss out on all fun part, which is being comfortable and happy and stylish! Right?!  Just a little bit different side of me but I don't think I'm going back to this style anytime soon.

Just reminiscing a little!!! ;)
shiny liquid tights with batwing sweater flashback

Soooo! What do you think of this look? This photo was taken last year and posted only on LOOKBOOK.NU and Chictopia but I never had the chance to a post on it. 
Today we are having Thunderstorms and Tornado watch. Hope you’re having a much better weather than we are in Tennessee.

Have a wonderful weekend!