Saturday, April 3, 2010

Forsythia Fever, Swiss dot Dress, Denim J-Crew Vest & Wedge Sandals

                                                               Photos by Mark.

The forsythia was named in honor of the royal British gardener William Forsyth who lived from 1737 to 1804. Its lovely but audacious flowers are one of the first signs of spring and the promise of warm weather to come.

Like the forsythia I too have lain dormant the past few months as the cold kept me inside most of the time. I thought of many outfits I would like to wear and the photos I would take but the forsythia and I thrive best In full hot sun so my best outfits would have to wait.

But… no More!

It is time for me to shout like the forsythias bold yellow blooms, “Winter is over! I will not stay inside any longer!”    So I celebrate the beginning of the warm weather with this spring inspired outfit.

I’m sporting:

♥ Vintage 70s Cream Sheer Swiss dot Dress ( Estate Sale )
♥ J-Crew Denim vest ( Thrifted )
♥ Tan Flatform Wedge Shoes ( Thrifted )
♥ Vintage Decoupage Box Bag Purse ( Estate Sale: will be on etsy soon! )
♥ Vintage oversized pearl bracelet ( Church Sale )
♥ Vintage heart shape pearl pendant necklace ( Estate Sale )
♥ Navy blue tights ( Target )

Have Happy Easter Everyone!

Joyeuses Pâques!