Thursday, May 13, 2010

D.I.Y Lace Bracelet and Choker Necklace…….

DIY Lace Bracelet and Chocker Necklace

These lace Bracelets & Choker Necklaces are adorned with a vintage shoe buckles. They would be the sort of gift you would give to your friend and immediately ask to borrow! Aren’t they just lovely!!

Here’s what you’ll need:
Do it your self D.I.Y materials

 Pair of Scissors

 Lace hem facing, woven edge seam biding, black ribbon or silk

 A variety of vintage shoe buckles

 In my case all material used were vintage

How to put together:

securing laces and ribbons

 Cut desired Lace length for bracelet or Choker Necklace

 Fasten and secure lace ribbon on back of buckle by lifting up the latch then push down to secure lace.

 Make a bow tie then clamp shoe buckle from bottom of bow where ribbon hangs down.

 For the smaller buckle I Intertwined the black ribbon where you see fit so it comes out in same direction at each end.

White Lace with gold shoe buckle

black and gold shoe buckle lace necklace

Please note: Some brooches works better than others due to their unique designs, shapes and sizes. Also I did not use any glue in case I want to reuse the buckle for their original purpose and other future projects!




Wouldn’t these be perfect for wedding themes or simply gifts to the bride maids! Or better yet you’ll have a whole year to treasure hunt and make them for mother’s day!

Hope that you have enjoyed and will have fun with this DIY. Until next time!