Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jewelry Shop Udate and Previews....................

Ebay Jewls Auction - Scrapblog

All kinds of treasure something for everyone

Vintage Locket Pendants

Vtg DANTE Gold Blue Green PRISM Wrap Cufflinks

Vintage Mariam Haskell Baroque clip earrings

Vintage Art Deco Frosted Glass Clip bottle of purfume Earrings

Vintage 80s gold Christion Dior clip earrings

Vintage GIVENCHY Bold Chunky Link Necklace Pendant

I finally go around to show you guys what jewels I've got up for auction this week. Click here to view them.

Thank you in advance for taking a look at the jewls!  If you ever looking for something specific just let me know cause I might just have it for you.


Elaine said...


clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Lynzy said...

Wow, I just found your blog and I am in love. Your jewelry is gorgeous!

You have yourself a new follower on bloglovin'!

Come visit me<3
XO Lynz

ilsteviewonder said...

Wow amazing pieces the silver is gorgeous :)

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Beautiful stuff and i absolutely love your header.


ZombieLace said...

God I love bling. That blue pendant on the thick chain is particularly amazing.

Mamushka Marie said...

gorgeousness. i want each and every one of those lockets. for serious. ;)

Barbara said...

oh those are so pretty

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

small treasures...

inge luciana said...

Those jewelries are great!
they look so gorgeous and fabulous.
Love them all :)

Lucia ♥ said...

Wow beyond beautiful!! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! following you now!!!

Huzzah! Vintage said...

you MUST stop with these updates. I'm having heart palpitations.

Melissa said...

Wow, how gorgeous!

maphi said...

wooow those are really cute