Monday, December 27, 2010

Old Word Charm .......

Christmas Gifts

Vintage Mohagany Wood  Table

My husband has always had a love of all things made of sterling silver. To be honest I was never a big fan of silver because it just didn’t look great on my skin complexion so gold was my first shiny metal of choice to wear. After years of telling him that silver was boring and bland I have truly come to appreciate the beauty of sterling silver.
Did you know: Sterling was the known and approved silver standard in England, in all probability, from the beginning of King Henry the Second’s reign.


These gorgeous sterling scissors are adorned with beautiful flowers on both sides. I believe they were used in sewing such as button holes, thread trimming and things of that nature.
vintage magnifiying loop glass Magnifying lenses became symbols of intellect and connoisseurship, as is evident in art of the eighteenth century which often depicts magnifying glasses in order to convey knowledge and intellect.
Silver Tea Salt Spoon BroochTHIS is one of the cutest and most elegant things I've seen. It's an individual Salt Spoon from the early 1900s in a floral pattern by Lunt Silver. A little spoon like this looks much nicer pinned to a blouse, jacket or vest as opposed to just sitting in a salt cellar.
Long Tea Spoon

Tea Kettle Tip
Alice in wonderful would sure appreciate this antique tea spoon. The top has a tea kettle with handle and the stem is like bamboo or straw that ends with a dogwood like pattern.
Ornate Sterling Floral PendantThe pendant between the scissors and tea spoon appears to have made from a spoon end as well. I just love the patina on it.
Vintage Art Deco NecklaceThe Purple glass necklace appears to be an Art Deco piece from the 1895-1935. I’m speechless!
Sterling Marcasite Pendant
Sterling Silver Marcasite Pendant
And how could I forget the vintage marcasite pendant at right corner of the table, and the lovely pen. Quite Victorian!

…and the vintage mexican sterling ring which looks like a wedding cake. I’ve named it Claire de lune. I melt every time I look at it!

Baroque Mirror and Frame
The round footed baroque mirror is just lovely and is the perfect size on my night stand. The other baroque frame mirror’s glass was broken so I simply framed a lovely print in its place!

My husband is truly a man of Sterling good sense for he gave me all these wonderful silver items (table too…) for Christmas!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday!


melina bee said...

yowza!! lucky girl, I love silver. In my opinion, it looks great on every complexion/coloring (so does gold; shiny matches everything).
I love your little historical insights into the objects as well, the art deco jewelry pieces are stunning, I hope you wear these and show us

sueper said...

very pretty - I prefer it when it the silver is more older like here then shiny and new - great choices

daisychain said...

WOW, just wow!

Sara said...

Oh my this is so scary, I have exactly the same kind of mirror! it is from my grandma, I got it after she died. :o

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Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

The scissors are so beautiful, as is the Art Deco necklace. What a wonderful, wonderful present!

Jenny Morris said...

i love the ring so much. im a gold girl myself but maybe i will come to see sterling silver in a new light!

*im your newest follower!

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

sterling is so beautiful, its got such an "English" feeling, probably because it was the standard there ;) thanks for sharing!


I used to only wear gold and thought silver to be bland and boring, too. Now, I almost always opt for silver. :)

**OnYxStA** said...

lucky!! i want!!


Love the scissors and the ring!

Sweet said...

those are beautiful vintage pieces gorgeous!!!


veronika, tick tock vintage. said...

very beautiful necklace - i've never seen anything like it before.

vicen said...

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modniza said...

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Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely post!!
lovely style girl :D

Ivânia Diamond*

DeVero said...

Love that ring!
I saw your blog on Look 10!
I like your style ;)

Happy 2011!


great great vintage collection, enjoy looking thro all of these ;)
Thanks for sharing!!!

rosesareblue said...

LOVE this blog, so inspirational with a kooky twist. Love the photos too!!:)

please please follow my blog and let me know what you think, can't wait to hear back from you!!

kisses x

Aya said...

Love everything--so vintage looking! xoxo

Aimée - Vint Condition said...

I am so in love with those scissors, what wonderful gifts!

Madeline Weber said...

wow love it! every piece is beautiful and unique

hope you had a happy holiday!


Natasha said...

I love the teapot and bamboo piece, so cute, very Alice in Wonderland. xxx

Eri said...

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Lisa (aka sweetie) said...

Hey there. love your blog and style..I have your blog featured on my blog cute.\\XO Lisa

meelusha said...

amazing treasures!!! love vintage styling in clothing and home design!!! a healythy mix of old and new guarantees a unique appearance. Love your blog!

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Aya Smith said...

These pieces are amazing!!! The presentation you've used to display them is also gorgeous, I'm in love! :)

Aya of Strawberry Koi.

Claggie said...

Wow, beautiful :)

PinkBow said...

gorgeous, i love every single piece.

Jaggerfan1 said...

Some of that stuff looks like it's from the Victorian era of England, it's real decorative and fancy.

Bluefemme said...

I love silver! Lucky!

Missy Cheeks said...

the acessories are amazing!!

Lemondrop Marie said...

What true beauties~ You have such lovely treasures (hubs included)
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so beautiful .x hivennn

Debts said...

Really scissors are so beautiful.The art deco jewelry pieces are excellent. And it is of great choice. Thanks for sharing!

thebeatniq said...

I love it all!

Viv said...


sealaura said...

bonjour cherie,
miss your posts. these pieces here are indeed super lovely, i like how you displayed them in this shoot.

Hope you are well!

Laken Linnea said...

the details on all of these, especially the scissors, are amazing! feel free to stop by sometime, comment on what you like, and follow if you love!
love always,


like everything about this! that necklace is gorg

GvN said...

I love the frame!!!

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XOXO Giorgia - GvN

Jo said...

Ohh, what an impressive collection! <3 The ring is so gorgeous!

Lost in the Haze

Irene Wibowo said...

love it.. :)
Irene Wibowo

Berna B. said...

how lovely!love from istanbul!

flv video player said...

These sterling scissors are adorned with beautiful flowers on both sides. It is so stunning. Art Deco necklace is quiet impressive.

Laken Linnea said...

all of these photos are absolutely stunning. your silver is gorgeous!

love always,

Cheryl Lynn said...

All of the items are simply magnificent! They are truly a testament to historical sophistication and beauty.

Your husband has a very good eye!

busana muslim said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..

dustjacket said...

Gorgeous pieces and thank you so much for leaving a note today...hope all is going great for you and yours ;)

Jennifer said...


xo Jennifer


Oh my goodness! Those scissors are incredible! The detail on them are just amazing.

Little Tree Vintage said...

gorgeous pieces. love those antique scissors and ring!

circleofchaos said...

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Anonymous said...

All I could say is: I love vintage. I love silver. I love vintage. I love silver. But mostly, I love vintage...and I love these pictures!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

Love these treasures! Aren't vintage and antiques just the best?! So much history and meaning behind everything - I just love that!

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Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Ooh, the detailing is so beautiful! <3

Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

Benlovesting said...

These are so beautiful!

Melanie Likes said...

Drooling. Absolutely drooling. Antique heaven!

Burun Estetiği said...

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Burun Estetiği

Benlovesting said...

That scissors is so gorgeous!!!

Sarah said...

I love these stunning items! I think silver is the best- goes with everything!

Sarah XxX

Marzipan said...

Great items <3

Soori said...

Love those vintage things :) I really wish to have something like this in my house, I'ts wonderful :)

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i will follow your blog, maybe you will follow me too :)

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Belle said...

Oh my goodness Fabiola, this is absolutely stunning. This is what my vanity dreams are made of!!!It's so hard to find beautiful pieces like these that look so new!!

xx Belle